Friday, 7 June 2013

Quick Update - Flood in my hometown

Hey guys n girls - just a quick update why it's been kinda quiet these days.
The area I live in has been flooded and after so many days of rain my inspiration was just - well - gone.

Things are getting better, sun's coming out from time to time, the water of the river Danube - well, not back to normal but it's getting better every day.

Here some pics ...

Yeah, that's one of the three bridges that connect one half of the city to the other - normally we have big cruising ships on the Danube with 3 floors or something. The river was about 9,5m above normal...

Well, that's all for now I guess. I'll be back with some projects soon.

Hugs, Elisa

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stempelomi said...

Hi Elisa,
I wish you all the best. Incredible pictures!