Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Help needed

Hey There - we need your help (Lee and I)...

Lee is looking for a Die, that she just can't find in stores anymore. So please read below, and If you can help, please leave a comment, or hop over to Lee's blog and tell her.

Huhu, wir brauchen eure Hilfe (Lee und ich)...

Lee sucht nach einer Die, die sie in keinem Geschäft mehr finden kann. Lest mal bitte unten, was sie mir geschrieben hat, und wenn ihr helfen könnte, lasst ein Kommentar da, oder hüpft zu Lee und gebt ihr Bescheid.


Hi Elisa, thank you so much for commenting about the die I'm after.  Someone had left a comment with a link to the Sizzix outlet store and it was the correct die only they dont have it in stock.  Its called Hello Kitty Daisies and here is the photo  


Im really hoping someone can find it.  Its like gold dust it seems, lol.  Thanks again for commenting Elisa.  I really appreciate it.  

Big hugs, Lee x

Lee Lindsay
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So, If you know someone who sells that Die or maybe have one on your own, which you don't need/use anymore, that would be great!

Also, wenn ihr jemanden kennt, der die Die verkauft oder selbst vielleicht eine habt, die ihr nicht mehr braucht/verwendet, das wäre toll!

Hugs, Elisa

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CraftyLoops said...

Thank you so much Elisa, you are very sweet. Im still hunting for it. Ive contacted a few craft store who used to stock it, just to see if they have one sitting about. Fingers crossed someone may have it. Thanks so much for you help. Lee x